Gould admits that UFW isn’t working, and that ag workers don’t want unions

farmWord is spreading nationwide that ALRB Chairman William Gould has admitted that California’s agricultural unions aren’t doing their job, and that farm workers don’t want the unions.

Gould’s January 28 admission to a business group in Monterey has made the news in Washington, DC. Not only did Gould accuse the agricultural unions of failing to organize in the fields, as we reported yesterday. Gould said that, ever since he has been ALRB chairman, not a single group of farm workers has petitioned ALRB to certify a union.

Even more, the labor lawyer admitted that the ALRB has been getting a lot of petitions from farmworkers to de-certify their unions.

“During these past two years, while I have been chairman, there has not been one single representation petition filed under a statute which requires certification through a petition in order for a union to be recognized,” Gould said, in comments reported by the American Media Institute.

According to the report, “But the workers are actively petitioning Gould’s board to decertify existing unions. ‘There are quite a few decertification petitions which have been with us, some of them well-publicized,’ he said.

Gould’s admission shows just how dead the UFW has become, and helps explain why the ALRB has been fighting so hard to prevent the 2013 ballots of Gerawan farmworkers from being counted – because the ALRB knows that the workers don’t want the do-nothing union.

The ALRB chief’s reference to “well-publicized” decertification efforts is obviously a bow to the Gearwan Farming workers’ resistance to having the ALRB impose a UFW contract on them. The news report interviewed farmworker leader Silvia Lopez.

“The board still has not counted our votes, because it knows that we don’t want a union,” Lopez told the American Media Institute. “Gould and the rest of the board are trying to use the power of the state government to save the dying union, even though the workers don’t want it.”

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