Gerawan workers staged largest farmworker protests in state history. See the videos.

They came out by the thousands – more than César Chávez could recruit at the height of his popularity.

They took to the streets in the largest farmworker protests in California history.

They were some of the thousands of hard-working people at Gerawan Farming. And they wanted nothing to do with the UFW.

TV news coverage repeatedly reported that “thousands” of Gerawan workers protested against the UFW and its state enforcer, the ALRB. Here are four videos to show the strength of those protests.

1. ‘Thousands protest as ALRB tramples rights in order to save UFW union’

2. ‘California’s hidden civil rights struggle revealed’

3. ‘Biggest labor protests in California history’

4. ‘Thousands of Gerawan workers protest’

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