Western Growers Association picks up on our latest video

WGA screenshotAn important agricultural advocacy group has seen our latest video and likes it. The Western Growers Association re-posted our new video about ALRB corruption, calling our story “powerful.”

“PickJustice.com, a website dedicated to farm workers’ rights, recently posted a video charging the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the United Farm Workers Union with colluding to prevent the farmworkers’ votes from being counted in a decertification election demanded by the workers,” the WGA said.

The WGA article is headlined, “Powerful Video Sheds Light on ALRB-UFW Relationship.”

We first posted the video on January 27. As of today, the video on the Pick Justice YouTube channel has passed 75,000 views. A new Spanish-language version of the video went up over the weekend.

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