Job-killing UFW is going after cannabis workers

With a plummeting membership and in desperate need of cash, the UFW is going after California’s cannabis workers.

We know from experience that the UFW is a fraud that doesn’t support its members. Then it uses the power of the State to force workers to fork over 3% of their income.

Worst of all, the UFW kills agriculture jobs.

The UFW destroyed more than 2,500 grape worker jobs in 2015. It forced the shutdown of another grape operation that cost the jobs of more than 600 workers. This month, hundreds more California grape workers – most of them UFW members – are losing their jobs. And the UFW hasn’t done a thing for them.

When thousands of farmworkers in the Central Valley voted to decertify the UFW in 2013, the state spent $10,000,000 to suppress the ballots.

Now the UFW has set its sights on cannabis workers.

Here’s a warning from us farmworkers who got burned: The UFW will ruin you.

Don’t count on the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board for help. The ALRB is the UFW’s enforcer. Stay away from the UFW.


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