After spending $10 million, ALRB says it’s “impossible” to know what 2,600 workers think

ALRB spent $10 million to suppress worker votes and it still doesn't know what the workers really thought.

After spending $10 million to destroy the ballots of 2,600 farmworkers who voted to decertify the UFW, the state board in charge of the vote says it’s “impossible” to know if the workers were expressing their true sentiments. This is part of the bizarre ruling of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) issued late Friday. The Board said that the Gerawan farmworkers’ 2013 ballots must never be counted and should be…

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ALRB says it’s “unfair” for Gerawan to solicit worker grievances and give them a raise

As in Orwell's "1984," the ALRB decrees that fair is unfair and legal is against the law.

It is against the law in California for an employer to request workers to express their grievances. And it’s against the law for an employer to give them a raise without government or union approval. That’s what the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board says in a ruling to destroy the ballots of 2,600 Gerawan farmworkers who voted in 2013 on whether to decertify the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. According…

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Gould essay shows bias for forcing workers to pay unions


ALRB Chairman William B. Gould has created the appearance of impropriety in his public statements about unions, inflicting further damage on his agency’s reputation. He now argues that workers should be forced to pay dues to unions – against their will – in order to save what he calls a “declining labor movement.” He admits to partisan political motivations. Gould has been strangely silent about the controversies swirling around the…

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Happy Cesar Chavez Day: ALRB spends $10 million to deprive workers of voting rights

ALRB steals farmworker votes

We pause on this year’s Cesar Chavez Day to reflect on the fact that, even in the 21st century, people in America are still denied their voting rights. The political elites in Sacramento continue to deny hard-working farm laborers the right to have their votes counted in accordance with state law. The following infographic, produced by the highest-paying labor employer in the state farming industry, tells the story. It’s a…

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What ALRB could have done to help (with the $10 million it spent to fight us)

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home near Mecca CA, is priced at 28,000. The ALRB could have bought 357 of these houses for the money it spent to destroy Gerawan workers' ballots.

If the ALRB really wanted to help farmworkers, what could it have done with the $10.8 million it’s using to prevent our 2013 votes from being counted? Let’s take the farming community of Mecca, California, down in Riverside County. Instead of suppressing worker votes in the San Joaquin Valley, the ALRB could have spent the $10.8 million on any of the following in the Coachella Valley, around Mecca: Construction of…

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ALRB spends 34% of its budget fighting Gerawan workers

The percent of its budget that ALRB uses to suppress farmworkers' votes.

The state agency founded to defend farmworkers is spending 34% of its ever-growing budget to prevent workers’ votes from being counted. That will have totaled about $10.8 million by next year. A recent study shows that the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) will spend $3.3 million in 2016-17 to suppress Gerawan farmworkers’ votes to decertify the United Farm Workers union. (Download study: ALRB Budget Memo – February 2016) After gearing up…

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Does ALRB still have our ballots that it wants to destroy?

Who counts the votes

Nobody outside the ALRB knows whether the secretive government agency still has the more than 2,000 ballots we cast in 2013 on whether to de-certify the UFW. ALRB first tried to prevent the farmworkers from voting. Then it supervised our vote (forcing voters to show their ID). Then it took the ballots away. It locked them in a safe and nobody has seen them since. Maybe the ALRB is delaying…

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Watch the video: Workers explain how ALRB exploits them

"Perhaps they think that we are worthless," a farmworker says about ALRB.

California farmworkers explain why they think the ALRB is a corrupt, exploitative state agency that abuses them by trying to force them to join a politically-connected union. Many of the workers, who came to America as immigrants, express dismay that the type of political corruption in their native countries is alive and well in California. “Perhaps they think that we are ignorant,” says one worker. “Perhaps they think that we…

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