UFW organizer coached workers to lie to discredit de-certification vote

ALRB disinformation

A former UFW organizer has testified in court that he coached Gerawan farmworkers to lie in order to undermine the vote to de-certify the union. The organizer said he died so on instructions from the union’s leadership. The former union organizer reportedly is in hiding for fear of retaliation from the UFW and the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB). “The ALRB used lies manufactured by the UFW labor union…

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Silas Shawver of the ALRB Jumps For The UFW!

Silas Shawver Jumps For The UFW

The Agricultural Labor Relations Board is an independent governing body that oversees relations between California Central Valley farmers and the United Farmworkers of America, the union that wants to represent them. The ALRB is supposed to be unbiased. But if that’s so, WHY is Silas Shawver, their regional director, seen here wearing a UFW tshirt? Is it a harmless mistake? Considering that Mr. Shawver is pushing to destroy ballots in…

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Farmworkers are better off without ALRB-UFW protection racket

ALRB UFW protection racket cahoots

Gerawan farmworkers voted to give their trust to Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers (UFW). In 1990, they voted to certify the UFW as their collective bargaining representative. Then the UFW disappeared. For twenty years, Gerawan farmworkers heard nothing from the UFW. The UFW never communicated with them. Nobody from the UFW came out to the fields to talk to them. The UFW never negotiated a contract for them. Joining the UFW, as…

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UFW has built a track record of perjury and other deception

UFW mentirosos

Since Cesar Chavez died in 1993, the United Farm Workers (UFW) has built a track record of deliberate and willful deception to keep its credibility while its membership leaves in droves. Instead of continuing the Chavez legacy of working hard for the farmworkers, it has practically ignored its members. It used lies – even orchestrated perjury – to stay relevant. UFW lied to Gerawan farmworkers, and is now lying about…

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ALRB can double UFW’s payroll by taking Gerawan workers’ 3%

Money is power, and UFW want more of both.

By forcing Gerawan farm workers to pay 3 percent of their gross wages to the union, the ALRB would be able to double the UFW’s annual payroll. In documents it filed with the U.S. Department of Labor, UFW reported that it has an annual payroll of $3.2 million. Some of its top executives have been on the UFW payroll for 40 years or more – guaranteed jobs for life. By…

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Fresno Bee shows farm workers shouting down UFW

UFW thug-Apr2015-300x238

Hundreds of farm workers shouted down UFW organizers outside a state courthouse in Fresno April 14. The Fresno Bee covered the confrontation on video. Orange-shirted UFW organizers can be seen holding signs seeking to compel the workers to accept a contract, with the workers responding with chants of “Fuera!” meaning “get out of here” or “go away.” Judging by the video, the UFW had more signs than people to hold…

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Forbes: ALRB is ‘refusing to count’ farm workers’ votes

The ALRB is refusing to count the votes of farm workers who don’t want to pay 3 percent of their income to a union that they feels doesn’t represent them. “The workers, from Fresno-based Gerawan Farming, voted in a decertification election last November to rid themselves of the United Farm Workers (UFW) union once and for all,” Forbes reports. “But the authorities at the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB)…

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CA farmworkers feel bullied by ALRB

California farmworkers say that they are being bullied when they try to vote on whether or not to be represented by organized labor unions. “At their best, labor unions are something simple: they bring employees who share the same workplace into a collaborative relationship – independent not only of management, but also of any outside supervisors,” James Poulos writes in the Daily Beast. “At their worst, unions aren’t bottom-up organizations.…

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