UFW presence on Equitable Food Initiative ruins a good idea

EFI looks like a protection racket for UFW. That's too bad. It could have led to something good.

Farmworkers are everyone’s first line of defense for safe and healthy food. So it’s vital that they be part of any process to ensure wholesome food for everyone. The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) sounds like a great idea – to ensure that farmworkers are right there to watch against food-borne diseases and other health issues as they harvest and pack produce. Part of that means treating the farmworkers well and…

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Full text of what ALRB judge said about UFW VP Armando Elenes

Shameful Armando Elenes: ALRB judge calls him a liar who hides the UFW's "smallness."

Even though the ALRB shows incestuous partiality toward the UFW, its administrative “judge,” Mark Soble, doesn’t think much of the union’s vice president, Armando Elenes. Soble also noted the high stakes for the union in forcing Gerawan workers into an ALRB-imposed UFW contract. The ALRB judge noted that the UFW was concerned that its “smallness” contrasted badly with the many thousands of workers at Gerawan. “Most probably Elenes was concerned…

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