Farmworker demands probe of UFW unfair labor practices

Silvia Lopez (right) wants the UFW investigated for unfair practices. She is seen here with UFW figure Dolores Huerta (left) and Governor Jerry Brown.

The farmworker who has led the fight for her fellow laborers to have the right to vote on union representation is calling for a probe of the UFW’s unfair labor practices. Seldom is a union accused of unfair labor practices, but farmworker Silvia Lopez isn’t taking it any more. The San Joaquin Valley fruit farm laborer also alleges that the ALRB has silenced workers who oppose the UFW in order…

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Allegations of bias dog Silas Shawver as he leaves ALRB

Silas Shawver denies everything, but won't say what is false or misleading.

As Silas Shawver leaves the ALRB under a cloud – following the sacking of his boss, Sylvia Torres-Guillen – continued allegations of bias continue to mount. An exchange of correspondence between labor attorney Paul J. Bauer and Shawver show a hailstorm of acrimony – and a pile of carefully organized evidence that remove all doubt about Shawver’s potentially illegal bias in favor of the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. The original…

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ALRB acts as UFW enforcer in Gerawan farmworkers’ case

Farmworkers know that ALRB is in cahoots with UFW and its unfair labor practices.

Government agency informs workers of voting rights then repeatedly blocks election Having been abandoned by the UFW for more than 20 years, Gerawan farmworkers resisted when the union resurfaced in 2012, demanding that they be fired unless they fork over 3 percent of their pay. To the farmworkers, this was an unfair labor practice (ULP) – just the kind of issue the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) was created to…

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