LA Times report validates Pick Justice’s positions about UFW & ALRB

ALRB may have ruled against our cause, but the Los Angeles Times vindicates what we've been saying.

In an important article about the state government’s nullification of farmworkers’ votes, the Los Angeles Times validates many of Pick Justice’s positions over the past year. The Times made a lot of observations in its April 19 story that reinforce some of its previous reporting and corroborate Pick Justice’s positions: The UFW “was absent from Gerawan’s fields for more than 15 years.” The campaign to decertify the UFW is “the largest labor…

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With whistleblower scandal brewing, ALRB throws Sylvia Torres-Guillen under the bus

The ALRB's ruling throws Sylvia Torres-Guillen under the bus. Looks like her future as a state judge is history.

While taking the UFW line to destroy the Gerawan farmworkers’ ballots, the ALRB drove a judicial stake through the heart of its disgraced ex-general counsel, Sylvia Torres-Guillen. In so doing, the ALRB cleared Gerawan of illegally instigating the anti-union activity. But that didn’t stop the Board from skewering the farmer and workers. It appears to be a preemptive strike to soften the damage of an ongoing investigation of ALRB negligence, revealed last…

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List uncovered of ALRB employees celebrating UFW 50th convention

PickJustice has uncovered the official list of ALRB officials and employees who celebrated the United Farm Workers’ 50th anniversary convention in 2012. Their participation at the UFW 50 gala event provides further evidence of the Board’s institutional bias in favor of the union and against employers – contrary to the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act. The minutes of the ALRB’s meeting on May 22, 2012, contain the list of ALRB…

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Smoking gun found: Collaboration between ALRB’s Torres-Guillen & UFW

ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres Guillen, with the UFW leadership, celebrates the union's 50th anniversary at a May 2012 event.

ALRB’s activist general counsel celebrated the UFW’s 50th anniversary in May, 2012, just months before she began an all-out offensive to double the dying union’s diminished membership by forcing farmworkers to join. PickJustice has discovered a photograph of ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen smiling at the UFW podium, flanked by union President Arturo Rodriguez and Secretary Treasurer Sergio Guzman. Sources tell us that Torres-Guillen used the occasion to promise the…

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LA Times reports that Gov Brown fired Torres-Guillen over UFW/Gerawan case

Los Angeles Times reports that Governor Brown sacked Sylvia Torres-Guillen over Gerawan farmworker fallout.

Although she denied it on the record elsewhere, the Los Angeles Times reports that disgraced former ALRB general counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen was fired from her job over her abuse of power in fighting against Gerawan farm workers. The pro-UFW lawyer found herself at odds with ALRB Chairman William B. Gould IV, an internationally respected labor lawyer and scholar. Torres-Guillen and her staff tried to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from voting to…

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Fresno Bee runs page-one story on ALRB bias toward union

Fresno Bee cover

In a landmark development, the Fresno Bee has run a page-one story about ALRB bias toward the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. The story is important because it shows that bias complaints against ALRB go beyond Gerawan Farming and the farmworkers – and because of the many questions that ALRB refused to answer. Just as has been saying, the controversy centers on disgraced ALRB general counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen, who…

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ALRB seen as ‘out of control’ bureaucracy with ‘ballooning’ budget

ALRB ballooning budget

The state Agricultural Labor Relations Board is “out of control,” whose “ballooning” budget and staff, is driven by a drive to force Gerawan farmworkers to join the United Farm Workers. That’s what a California state assemblyman and others tell the Fresno Bee in a front-page story about the ALRB’s bias toward the union. Here are some of the highlights: Former ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen was the prime engine behind a 90% hike in the ALRB…

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ALRB’s acting general counsel chooses his words very carefully


The interim replacement for disgraced former ALRB general counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen won’t defend his predecessor to journalists – but he won’t exactly say that the ALRB is in fact impartial as the law requires. When the Fresno Bee asked Mark Woo-Sam, ALRB Acting General Counsel, if his state agency was in fact acting impartially as required by state law, Woo-Sam didn’t say yes or no. Instead, Woo-Sam cited what the…

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