Gould admits ALRB might not be able to separate its probes from union advocacy

Masked UFW militants, with ALRB backing, trespass on Cedar Point Nursery to try to force a union contract on the workers. (Photo: Pacific Legal Foundation)

Agricultural employers have a “legitimate concern” that the ALRB might not be able to “firewall” its investigations from its “education” of workers to accept union contracts, the ALRB’s own chairman admits. “I think that is a legitimate concern, and it’s something we want to make sure is addressed in the final rule” later this year, ALRB chief William B. Gould IV tells the Los Angeles Times. In January, Gould publicly…

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UFW stages fake “strike” at plant nursery

The UFW broke state law to stage a fake strike to scare Cedar Point Nursery workers into joining.

The United Farm Workers staged a fake strike at a Dorris, California, plant nursery, misrepresenting the hundreds of contract workers, making false statements about conditions, and violating state law. The October 29 protest surprised the workers, who had not been notified in advance that the UFW would be there, speaking in their name, according to the Herald and News. “We don’t need a union,” said employee Margarita Saucedo. “We are…

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