Equitable Food Initiative? Why won’t Costco denounce UFW assault on woman?

Costco and UFW, partners in the Equitable Food Initiative, won't denounce June 2, 2016 UFW assault on woman in San Jose.

Why won’t Costco denounce its partner, the UFW, for participating in the ugly assault on a San Jose woman last week? Costco and the UFW are co-founders of the “Equitable Food Initiative” to ensure “fairness” and “safety” for fresh produce. The Equitable Food Initiative looks more like a UFW protection racket, because growers and workers who don’t support the tiny, heavily politicized union, won’t get the Initiative’s seal of approval.…

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UFW man joins mob assault on woman because of her political views

Woman attacked

A UFW man joined a mob of other men, laughing as they spat on her, threw garbage and eggs at her, and hurled other abuses at her – all because she supports a presidential candidate that they don’t like. The horrifying incident took place in San Jose on June 2. It became national news. SIEU members joined in on the attack. See the video from an NBC reporter. Pick Justice…

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