Nice Pick Justice turnout at court in Fresno

ALRB UFW Pick Justice Fresno Apr 2016

We’re having a great turnout right now at the Court of Appeal in Fresno! We’re protesting the ALRB’s corrupt handling of our votes to decertify the UFW. Our mascot of the day is shady ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma, who has a long political and financial relationship with a powerful UFW lobbyist in Sacramento.

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Workers smash ALRB piñata at Fresno courthouse


Smashing a piñata resembling the ALRB safe that contains their un-counted ballots, hundreds of farm workers demanded again that ALRB count their votes. A handful of United Farm Workers (UFW) organizers showed up to oppose the farm workers. The workers held the April 14 demonstration in front of the California appeals court in Fresno, which was holding a hearing about the joint ALRB-UFW attempt to impose a contract on them. The…

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Fresno Bee shows farm workers shouting down UFW

UFW thug-Apr2015-300x238

Hundreds of farm workers shouted down UFW organizers outside a state courthouse in Fresno April 14. The Fresno Bee covered the confrontation on video. Orange-shirted UFW organizers can be seen holding signs seeking to compel the workers to accept a contract, with the workers responding with chants of “Fuera!” meaning “get out of here” or “go away.” Judging by the video, the UFW had more signs than people to hold…

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