Judge again says ALRB and UFW colluded on litigation strategy

ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres Guillen, with the UFW leadership, celebrates the union's 50th anniversary at a May 2012 event.

The ALRB Office of General Counsel and Regional Director colluded with the UFW during the case against Gerawan farmworkers seeking to de-certify the UFW, the ALRB’s own administrative jaw judge has found. “[T]he record should make clear, should the General Counsel and UFW attempt to characterize their litigation strategy as completely independent, that portrayal would be inaccurate,” ALRB administrative law Judge Mark R. Soble said. Soble’s comments are buried in…

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UFW VP ‘Chilito’ Elenes: Credible to attack Gerawan, but otherwise a liar, Soble says

A California judge found UFW Vice President Armando "Chilito" Elenes was "lying" in his testimony to ALRB.

UFW Vice President Armando Elenes is a liar, but is a reliable witness against Gerawan employers and workers, according to the ALRB’s own administrative law judge. Elenes is the UFW vice president who “was in charge of running” the union organizing campaign among Gerawan workers in 2012-13. That reference, on page 42, is used to attack Gerawan. Buried further into the ruling is ALRB administrative law judge Mark R. Soble’s…

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ALRB judge says Shiroma’s UFW lobbyist connections are OK & that she is unbiased

The ALRB's in-house "judge" says there is no evidence that Genevieve Shiroma is biased.

Controversial ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma cannot be accused of bias because of her long political and financial relationship with former UFW strike organizer and current UFW lobbyist Richie Ross. That’s according to ALRB “judge” Mark R. Soble, in his ruling and order that the Gerawan workers ballots to de-certify the UFW must be destroyed. Central Valley labor leader Silvia Lopez, who has been leading the fight to decertify the…

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After spending $10 million, ALRB says it’s “impossible” to know what 2,600 workers think

ALRB spent $10 million to suppress worker votes and it still doesn't know what the workers really thought.

After spending $10 million to destroy the ballots of 2,600 farmworkers who voted to decertify the UFW, the state board in charge of the vote says it’s “impossible” to know if the workers were expressing their true sentiments. This is part of the bizarre ruling of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) issued late Friday. The Board said that the Gerawan farmworkers’ 2013 ballots must never be counted and should be…

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ALRB says it’s “unfair” for Gerawan to solicit worker grievances and give them a raise

As in Orwell's "1984," the ALRB decrees that fair is unfair and legal is against the law.

It is against the law in California for an employer to request workers to express their grievances. And it’s against the law for an employer to give them a raise without government or union approval. That’s what the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board says in a ruling to destroy the ballots of 2,600 Gerawan farmworkers who voted in 2013 on whether to decertify the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. According…

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Asleep on the job: Worker calls for ALRB’s snoozing Judge Soble to get the boot

Snoozer Judge: ALRB's Mark Soble, typically disheveled, likes to nap while witnesses testify before his court.

ALRB’s administrative law judge is so inept that he falls asleep during hearings on which he renders judgments. A prominent San Joaquin Valley farmworker organizer has called for ALRB Judge Mark Soble to be disqualified because he uses hearings as times to take a catnap. Silvia Lopez has petitioned the ALRB to disqualify Soble from an upcoming hearing “because of his inability to stay awake during the six month trial…

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Judge Mark R. Soble makes $156,000 a year as an ALRB employee

Mark R. Soble, the administrative law judge who decided September 17 to destroy the Gerawan farmworkers’ 2013 ballots, earns $156,000 a year as an employee of the ALRB. Soble is widely characterized as a simple “judge,” with the implication that he is an objective member of the judicial branch of government. In fact, he is an “administrative law judge” – with the formal title “Hearing Officer I,” for California’s executive…

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