LA Times report validates Pick Justice’s positions about UFW & ALRB

ALRB may have ruled against our cause, but the Los Angeles Times vindicates what we've been saying.

In an important article about the state government’s nullification of farmworkers’ votes, the Los Angeles Times validates many of Pick Justice’s positions over the past year. The Times made a lot of observations in its April 19 story that reinforce some of its previous reporting and corroborate Pick Justice’s positions: The UFW “was absent from Gerawan’s fields for more than 15 years.” The campaign to decertify the UFW is “the largest labor…

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LA Times reports that Gov Brown fired Torres-Guillen over UFW/Gerawan case

Los Angeles Times reports that Governor Brown sacked Sylvia Torres-Guillen over Gerawan farmworker fallout.

Although she denied it on the record elsewhere, the Los Angeles Times reports that disgraced former ALRB general counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen was fired from her job over her abuse of power in fighting against Gerawan farm workers. The pro-UFW lawyer found herself at odds with ALRB Chairman William B. Gould IV, an internationally respected labor lawyer and scholar. Torres-Guillen and her staff tried to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from voting to…

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Los Angeles Times shows 18 years of nothing from UFW, until ALRB helps


The Los Angeles Times has published a major story that lends credence to growing concerns that the ALRB is “in cahoots” with the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. The UFW “effectively disappeared” for 18 years until the state tried to impose a state-mandated contract that would take 3 percent of the workers’ gross pay and give it to the union. The July 30 article profiles San Joaquin Valley peach grower…

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