Ag attorneys may move to vacate Shiroma’s decisions on ALRB

Genevieve Shiroma's cash payments to UFW lobbyist Richie Ross show deeper unchecked ethics violations at ALRB.

Prominent California agricultural attorneys have told the ALRB that they may move to vacate any decision that disgraced Board member Genevieve Shiroma makes in cases concerning the United Farm Workers (UFW). “As legal practitioners before the Board, who represent cases that come before the Board, it has been recently brought to our attention that it has been nearly three months since Petitioner Silvia Lopez filed a petition to disqualify Member…

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Court rips Shawver, suspects ALRB is ‘in cahoots’

A California Superior Court has found that the state official immediately responsible for blocking a count of farm workers’ votes has exceeded his authority, and says he suspects the official is “in cahoots.” Judge Jeffrey Y. Hamilton, Jr., of the California Superior Court in Fresno, found on August 21 that Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) lawyer Silas Shawver committed an “overreach” of authority by denying workers the right for their…

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