ALRB says it’s “unfair” for Gerawan to solicit worker grievances and give them a raise

As in Orwell's "1984," the ALRB decrees that fair is unfair and legal is against the law.

It is against the law in California for an employer to request workers to express their grievances. And it’s against the law for an employer to give them a raise without government or union approval. That’s what the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board says in a ruling to destroy the ballots of 2,600 Gerawan farmworkers who voted in 2013 on whether to decertify the United Farm Workers (UFW) union. According…

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Asleep on the job: Worker calls for ALRB’s snoozing Judge Soble to get the boot

Snoozer Judge: ALRB's Mark Soble, typically disheveled, likes to nap while witnesses testify before his court.

ALRB’s administrative law judge is so inept that he falls asleep during hearings on which he renders judgments. A prominent San Joaquin Valley farmworker organizer has called for ALRB Judge Mark Soble to be disqualified because he uses hearings as times to take a catnap. Silvia Lopez has petitioned the ALRB to disqualify Soble from an upcoming hearing “because of his inability to stay awake during the six month trial…

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Judge Mark R. Soble makes $156,000 a year as an ALRB employee

Mark R. Soble, the administrative law judge who decided September 17 to destroy the Gerawan farmworkers’ 2013 ballots, earns $156,000 a year as an employee of the ALRB. Soble is widely characterized as a simple “judge,” with the implication that he is an objective member of the judicial branch of government. In fact, he is an “administrative law judge” – with the formal title “Hearing Officer I,” for California’s executive…

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