Damaged goods: Costco joins UFW “equitable food” front group

Costco has teamed up with the UFW to certify its fresh produce.

In what promises to be a blow to its brand image, Costco has teamed up with a UFW front group to that will funnel money into the dying union and mislead customers into thinking that non-approved produce is “unsafe.” The Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) is a Washington, DC-based lobby chaired by UFW Vice President Erik Nicholson. Costco is heavily involved with EFI. The Initiative’s board secretary, Preston Witt, is Costco’s…

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What ALRB could have done to help (with the $10 million it spent to fight us)

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home near Mecca CA, is priced at 28,000. The ALRB could have bought 357 of these houses for the money it spent to destroy Gerawan workers' ballots.

If the ALRB really wanted to help farmworkers, what could it have done with the $10.8 million it’s using to prevent our 2013 votes from being counted? Let’s take the farming community of Mecca, California, down in Riverside County. Instead of suppressing worker votes in the San Joaquin Valley, the ALRB could have spent the $10.8 million on any of the following in the Coachella Valley, around Mecca: Construction of…

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New report shows ALRB spending $10,000,000 to suppress Gerawan worker ballots

ALRB corruption cash

The ALRB is spending more than $10 million to suppress the ballots of 2,600 farmworkers who voted on whether to de-certify the United Farm Workers (UFW) as their representative. The workers at Gerawan Farming cast their ballots in 2013 in an ALRB-supervised election. ALRB immediately locked the ballots in a safe and has refused to count them. Word is that the ALRB is deciding to destroy the ballots in order…

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Does ALRB still have our ballots that it wants to destroy?

Who counts the votes

Nobody outside the ALRB knows whether the secretive government agency still has the more than 2,000 ballots we cast in 2013 on whether to de-certify the UFW. ALRB first tried to prevent the farmworkers from voting. Then it supervised our vote (forcing voters to show their ID). Then it took the ballots away. It locked them in a safe and nobody has seen them since. Maybe the ALRB is delaying…

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