State Senate President de Leon tells UFW it must fight for workers to earn $10 an hour

Kevin de Leon

The UFW must fight for California farmworkers to earn a $10 minimum wage. That’s what state Senate President Kevin de Leon told the UFW convention this weekend in Bakersfield. “It’s our goal to have better working conditions and better salaries, to earn $10 an hour which is today legally the minimum wage,” de Leon said, according to the Bakersfield Californian. Gerawan Farming pays its workers a base pay of $12…

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Why are UFW & ALRB purposely wrecking non-UFW jobs?

ALRB wreckerz

It’s pretty clear now that the UFW and ALRB are deliberately trying to deprive non-UFW workers of their livelihoods. The UFW and ALRB are trying to sabotage the jobs of California farmworkers who earn the highest wages in the industry. The UFW and ALRB targeted the Gerawan workers who dared vote in 2013 to decertify the UFW – and then the ALRB refused to count the workers’ votes. They targeted…

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