Workers earn highest wages in industry – without union help

Even though the United Farm Workers technically still represented the Gerawan Farm workers, it was absent for two decades. The UFW didn’t lift a finger for them.

During those two decades – and with NO union support – the workers joined with their employers to improve their wages. The workers ultimately persuaded their employers to pay them the highest wages in the industry.

The victory was the result of positive collaboration, not confrontation.

Entry-level Gerawan farm workers earn well above the California minimum wage.

They earn more than their counterparts at huge companies like Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and Starbucks. They even earn more than entry-level workers at Disneyland.

So now the UFW wants a piece of the take. The UFW is demanding 3 percent of the workers’ pre-tax earnings, even though the union didn’t lift a finger. 

That’s why the workers voted to de-certify the union back in 2013.

It’s 2015 now, and the ALRB still hasn’t counted the workers’ votes. Instead, the ALRB has kept the un-counted ballots in a safe, and is trying to get legal authority to destroy them.

That way, ALRB can compel the farm workers to pay the union its protection money. It’s trying to force the workers to accept a contract that the workers had no role in writing.

That would double the union’s budget for not having done any work.

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