Bullying within ALRB legal team

Former ALRB colleagues say she harassed them for opposing her agenda

ALRB General Counsel Torres Guillen has a history of harassing those who oppose her agenda. After taking office to head the ALRB legal squad, Torres Guillen made a series of moves that prompted current and former General Counsel employees to make the following serious allegations in a June, 2012 blog post:

  • ALRB bullyingTorres Guillen and her supervising attorney, Alegria de la Cruz, “have abused their power to put their bias into action.”
  • “They have forced out longtime ALRB employees who won’t agree to their program,
    • threatened to fail one attorney on probation because she questioned their biased practices, and
    • “have flouted state law on civil service hiring to bring in attorneys who will kowtow to their mission:  Make the UFW happy at all costs so that Torres-Guillen can be confirmed and ultimately appointed to a judgeship.”
  • Torres Guillen “coerced the settlement of at least one meritorious complaint against the UFW for failing to represent one of its own members in a grievance (Cortez, a 2008 complaint), a complaint that her predecessor refused to dismiss despite lobbying by the UFW because it had merit.”
  • “Torres-Guillen currently has two whistleblower complaints pending against her with the State Auditor for extending job offers to attorneys who were not on any state civil service lists when she gave the offers.”
  • “She also has two age discrimination complaints pending against her, one with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the other with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, for telling longtime regional employees that Governor Brown sent her [to] ‘get rid of the old dead wood’ and ‘clean house.'”
  • Employees over the age of 40 with 20 or more years of experience, such as Regional Director Lawrence Alderete, attorneys Marvin Brenner and Eugene Cardenas, and field examiners Octavio Galarza and Rey Val Verde, resigned after being harassed with counseling memos and threatened with demotion, and she continues to threaten and harass longtime employees who don’t want to be biased but are too young to retire.”
  • Too many of us have been too bullied and too intimidated to speak up, like the new attorney who was threatened with failing probation because she questioned Ms. Torres-Guillen’s practice of issuing complaints against growers without investigating the facts first and decided to resign instead.”

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