Use fake stories, with fake people

Agree with him or not, César Chávez was a good man. He didn’t need to lie to protect farm workers.

So why are the ALRB lawyers and their cronies lying today?

  • A California Superior Court judge told ALRB’s Silas Shawver that the Court is “very suspect” of Shawver’s claims that ALRB invoked to deny farm workers from voting.
  • The judge says that the ALRB looks like it’s “in cahoots” with the union – a violation of the law.
  • Shawver gave fake reasons for not accepting worker petitions, and for denying workers the right to vote.
  • The judge says “ALRB seems to be pre-deciding” the workers’ election to de-certify the UFW.

The UFW has made up fake stories, used fake arguments, used fake figures, and made up fake people to push its agenda. The ALRB has never publicly chastised the UFW for these abuses. Among them:

  • To inflate its membership numbers suddenly, as if claiming the Gerawan workers, the UFW reported fake figures to U.S. Department of Labor. Reporting false data to the federal government is a violation of the law.
  • The UFW has circulated a phony story about a Gerawan farm worker, saying the worker can’t feed his wife and baby – yet the worker boasts on Facebook about his cash, his expensive truck, his trip to casinos, and his .44 magnum.
  • The UFW has repeatedly used people falsely posing as Gerawan employees to its protests and its petitioning events.
  • In inducing city councils and school boards around California to condemn the non-union workers and their employers, the UFW has used fake stories during public hearings to elected officials. UFW has staged publicity stunts in Berkeley, Long Beach, Los Angeles and elsewhere. See the one before the Los Angeles School District, February 10, 2015.

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