Thousands of workers protest

The biggest labor protests in the history of California were against the UFW union and corrupt ALRB state agency.

On September 30, 2013 in Kerman over 3,000 farmworkers from Gerawan Farming walked out to protest the ALRB and UFW.

On April 10, 2014 hundreds of us demonstrated outside of the Fresno courthouse against the bullying UFW union.

The ALRB basically tells us: Yes we can! Destroy your votes!








Reporters always show up to our protests, but where is the news coverage?

The 5th District Court of Appeals in Fresno ruled that the ALRB-imposed contract was unconstitutional.

ALRB Chairwoman Genevieve Shiroma and Board members Isadore Hall and Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez sold us out to the UFW union.

We are part of the 99% of farmworkers that are oppressed by the ALRB and the UFW. We will not give up fighting!

Governor Jerry Brown where are you? Help us!

Count Our Votes! We know we have rights as farmworkers. Do what is right ALRB!

The ALRB is corrupt. They ignore the fact that the UFW abandoned us for over 20 years!

The only time the ALRB has seen these many farmworker faces, is when we showed up to their office in Visalia.

The ALRB and UFW say we are dumb. They want people to think we don’t know what is best for us. We know what we want!

During the April 20, 2016 Fresno 5th District Court of Appeals Protest – Pick Justice’s Spokesman Jesse Rojas is interviewed by reporters.

Pick Justice’s leader Silvia Lopez speaks with attorney Paul Bauer regarding one of the court cases.

Jerry Brown we made history, so it is time for you to make history again and fix up the ALRB, after all it is yours.

We are the majority, we are the thousands of voices, we are the 99% that want our votes counted. We deserve the right to choose and the ALRB took that away from us.

Silvia Lopez also speaks with journalists to set the record straight.

The ALRB is a racket! We will fight until the end, until our votes are counted!

One of the very few times that Univision actually reported about the thousands of us protesting against the UFW union.

Alvarado escaped Mexico’s corrupt government, but he cannot believe that he is experiencing the same abuse and corruption here in California from the ALRB state agency.

Rolando continues to miss days of work to go protest for his rights, but he said he will never give up fighting for the thousands of families and children affected by the ALRB and UFW injustice.

Hundreds of us demonstrated peacefully in August of 2014 at the Visalia ALRB office and we hand-delivered over 800 signed declarations. Where is the ALRB’s response to our 800 signed declarations?

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