ALRB approved: Here’s what the UFW says you get for 3% of your salary

Ripoff 3percent

On its website, the UFW describes the value of membership in the union. What value do you, as a UFW worker, get for the 3% of your pre-tax income, or an average of $600.00 a year? Practically nothing. Somehow this is OK with the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB). The UFW site says, “The following benefits are reserved for UFW Union Members that pay 3% dues and are members…

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How to make a big scandal out of a non issue

UFW hysteria

Apart from making a lot of noise, the dying UFW can’t (or won’t) do much to help farmworkers. Its membership has crashed from more than 50,000 to less than 5,000.  The UFW can’t (or won’t) fight for better pay. The ALRB’s own chairman admits that UFW organizing in California “has completely disappeared.” He even acknowledges that most California farmworkers don’t want unions. So it’s understandable that, to detract from its failures…

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How the ALRB uses UFW agents to take false actions against critics

ALRB is still reeling from the whistleblower who exposed collusion with UFW provocateur to justify litigation.

The ALRB is in a lot of trouble right now because of a whistleblower who came forward to expose corruption among the UFW loyalists on the board’s staff. Instead of coming clean, the ALRB has circled the wagons to hide information from the public. Since the exposure last year, the ALRB has been secretive and not responding to questions from reporters. It all reeks of a cover-up – and with fake…

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