Farmworker demands probe of UFW unfair labor practices

Silvia Lopez (right) wants the UFW investigated for unfair practices. She is seen here with UFW figure Dolores Huerta (left) and Governor Jerry Brown.

The farmworker who has led the fight for her fellow laborers to have the right to vote on union representation is calling for a probe of the UFW’s unfair labor practices. Seldom is a union accused of unfair labor practices, but farmworker Silvia Lopez isn’t taking it any more. The San Joaquin Valley fruit farm laborer also alleges that the ALRB has silenced workers who oppose the UFW in order…

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Susan Sarandon debunks Dolores Huerta


Actress Susan Sarandon has taken on UFW warhorse Dolores Huerta, discrediting the once-influential labor figure in a series of social media comments. Farmworkers have criticized Huerta for being a has-been relic of an age long past, and for not standing up for the workers of today, who feel that the UFW is in cahoots with the ALRB. Many or most of today’s California farmworkers weren’t even alive when Huerta was…

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Passing the torch: Latina farmworkers Huerta and Lopez meet

Civil rights leader Dolores Huerta speaks to Gerawan farmworkers who ask her for her help in getting the ALRB to count their votes to decertify the UFW.

Gerawan farmworkers asked UFW icon Dolores Huerta for help in getting Governor Jerry Brown to have the ALRB count their votes. After some discussion, the civil rights leader and Gerawan farmworker leader Silvia Lopez stood together with Governor Brown. That day, June 24, 2015, was a historic day for Latina farmworkers in California. Just hours earlier, Brown had quietly fired ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen, who had been one of…

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Governor Brown fires Sylvia Torres-Guillen

The ALRB's ruling throws Sylvia Torres-Guillen under the bus. Looks like her future as a state judge is history.

In a surprise move on the 40th anniversary of the ALRB, Governor Jerry Brown fired Sylvia Torres-Guillen as ALRB general counsel. Without fanfare, Brown removed the controversial lawyer from her ALRB post and transferred her to a duty without portfolio in his sprawling personal office. Torres-Guillen was responsible for spending millions of tax dollars to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from having their ballots counted. The workers are still waiting for ALRB…

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Governor Brown introduces Latina farmworkers, past and future

Latina labor leaders, old and new: Governor Jerry Brown introduces UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta to Gerawan farmworker Silvia Lopez at the ALRB's 40th anniversary gala on June 24.

As if shepherding the transition between the old and the new, California Governor Jerry Brown introduced UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta to the face of 21st century farmworkers: Silvia Lopez. At the festive Sacramento gala marking the 40th anniversary of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, Governor Brown recognized the 39 year-old Gerawan farmworker, calling her “the famous Silvia Lopez.” Brown posed with 85 year-old Huerta – a giant in the farmworker…

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