Farmworkers upset at Senator de Leon for blocking translations

Farmworkers from Pick Justice prepare to speak at the Senate hearing on June 20, but Senator de Leon wouldn't let them be heard in English.

Farmworkers are furious at Senator Kevin de Leon for blocking the translation of their public comments against ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma. De Leon is famous for his insistence on bilingual and multilingual translations, but when it came to the Rules Committee hearing he chaired June 20 on Shiroma’s re-appointment, the Senate president would not allow it. A Pick Justice spokesman wrote to de Leon to express how upset the…

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Transcript: Senator de Leon denied translations of farmworkers’ statements

Senator Kevin de Leon is a major booster of the UFW. He would not allow farmworkers critical of UFW to have translators before the state Senate.

Senate President Kevin de Leon prevented farmworkers who disagreed with him from having their comments translated from Spanish to English. The incident occurred at the June 20 Senate confirmation hearing for Genevieve Shiroma, the controversial ALRB member who is up for yet another term on the embattled state board. Nobody attended to speak to senators on Shiroma’s behalf. But scores of farmworkers jammed the Capitol to ask the Senate NOT…

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We are winning the fight: Los Angeles Times gives super coverage of our cause

A happy Dan Gerawan inspects the fine products of his thousands of workers, who don't need the UFW to get them superior pay and benefits.

Pick Justice and its friends are winning the fight against government secrecy, crony capitalism, and the political and union establishment in Sacramento. The Los Angeles Times just gave fantastic coverage to the cause of workers’ rights and free speech in California’s rigged political and judicial system. “Farmworkers win court battle over access to California labor boards proceedings,” the LA Times headlined on May 11. “A farmworker and business owner can…

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Now THAT’s collective bargaining! Court unanimously sides with workers and employer

squash alrb copy

In a remarkable show of how employers and workers can work together against government secrecy, a three-judge panel unanimously struck down a California secrecy law as unconstitutional. A top lawyer for Governor Jerry Brown had told the Fifth Court of Appeal in Fresno that workers should “never” be parties to the process. The United Farm Workers (UFW) did nothing to help the workers it claimed to represent, and instead sided with the Sacramento establishment.…

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Higher court sides with farmworkers against ALRB secrecy

Secret hearings

Farmworker Lupe Garcia just won a big win for all California farmworkers, as well as for journalists and for employers who treat their workers fairly. The victory came from a unanimous three-judge panel in Fresno on May 9. The Fifth Court of Appeal ruled that farmworkers have a right to challenge the ALRB’s secretive “mandatory meeting and conciliation” (MMC) practices. It reversed a lower trial court that had favored the ALRB,…

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Assemblywoman rips ALRB for “bias” and “corruption”

ALRB Shiroma corruption

A state lawmaker representing California’s farming communities has ripped the Agricultural Labor Relations Board for being a biased and corrupt agency illegally in cahoots with the dying UFW. Assemblywoman Shannon Grove tore into the ALRB in a guest article for the Ridgecrest News-Review. Here are highlights of what she said: The UFW “had lost 90 percent of its membership and was bleeding money, so it set its sights on this…

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ALRB’s Shiroma gave cash to Senator Steinberg, who then introduced legislation to empower ALRB

State Senator Darrell Steinberg took a big campaign contribution from Genevieve Shiroma before introducing legislation to expand Shiroma's power.

ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma gave a campaign contribution to state Senator Darrell Steinberg just before Steinberg introduced legislation to expand Shiroma’s power. The revelation is part of farmworker Silvia Lopez’s 267-page legal brief explaining why Shiroma should be disqualified to serve on the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. The Lopez brief states on page 16, “Shiroma was a political contributor to State Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg just before Sen. Steinberg…

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ALRB still denying farmworkers a vote

“The Legislature and the Brown administration apparently believe California’s farmworkers cannot be trusted to exercise their democratic rights. It’s the only plausible explanation for their efforts — via an administrative process and legislation — to invalidate the votes of 3,000 Fresno area workers who took part in a union election,” Steven Greenhut writes in the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Workers at Gerawan Farming voted on a labor contract 10 months ago, but the Agricultural…

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