What ALRB could have done to help (with the $10 million it spent to fight us)

This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home near Mecca CA, is priced at 28,000. The ALRB could have bought 357 of these houses for the money it spent to destroy Gerawan workers' ballots.

If the ALRB really wanted to help farmworkers, what could it have done with the $10.8 million it’s using to prevent our 2013 votes from being counted? Let’s take the farming community of Mecca, California, down in Riverside County. Instead of suppressing worker votes in the San Joaquin Valley, the ALRB could have spent the $10.8 million on any of the following in the Coachella Valley, around Mecca: Construction of…

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Gould admits ALRB might not be able to separate its probes from union advocacy

Masked UFW militants, with ALRB backing, trespass on Cedar Point Nursery to try to force a union contract on the workers. (Photo: Pacific Legal Foundation)

Agricultural employers have a “legitimate concern” that the ALRB might not be able to “firewall” its investigations from its “education” of workers to accept union contracts, the ALRB’s own chairman admits. “I think that is a legitimate concern, and it’s something we want to make sure is addressed in the final rule” later this year, ALRB chief William B. Gould IV tells the Los Angeles Times. In January, Gould publicly…

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ALRB hit with big lawsuit for helping unions trespass on private property

Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Joshua Thomposon talks about PLF's suit against the Agricultural Labor Relations Board and California's union trespass law that was announced during the 2016 Wold Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. on Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

The ALRB took another big hit today when the Pacific Legal Foundation filed suit in federal court to prevent the state agency from helping the UFW to trespass on private property and harass non-union workers. The PLF is representing Cedar Point Nursery in Dorris (Siskiyou County), and Fowler Packing Co. in Fresno. The agency, chaired by William B. Gould IV, “is violating the constitutional property rights of the state’s agricultural…

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Massive 267-page brief outlines why Shiroma should be disqualified

Lopez Shiroma petition

Genevieve Shiroma should be disqualified from serving on the ALRB because of her long-standing financial and political connections to the UFW, a farmworker says in a massive 267-page brief. Through her attorney, farmworker Silvia Lopez says she “has been denied due process and a fair hearing in this matter due to prosecutorial misconduct, and faces a further violation of her statutory and Constitutional rights due if Member Shiroma is permitted…

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Judge gives Gerawan access to ALRB whistleblower documents

confidential dox

A state judge has granted Gerawan Farming access to internal ALRB documents that a whistleblower exposed as part of a conspiracy to wage a legal offensive against the fruit grower. According to Ag Accent, an industry newsletter, “the documents involve a whistleblower in the agency who witnessed preparation of materials that falsely accused Gerawan of terminating a worker for advocating support for the union, and encouraging other workers to vote…

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Superior Court tells ALRB to hand over whistleblower documents to Gerawan

ALRB loses yet another court decision to Gerawan over forced unionization case.

Handing the board yet another judicial bludgeoning, a Sacramento Superior Court told the ALRB to surrender some of its internal whistleblower documents to Gerawan Farming. The “tentative decision” opens up the possibility that the ALRB might be an unconstitutional entity. According to Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley: “Due process requires the internal separation of prosecutorial and advisory functions. It is a violation of the constitutional right to due process of…

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Unconstitutional: CA news publishers back lawsuit to strike down ALRB closed-door practices

First amendment

First Amendment advocates are urging a California court to strike down the ALRB’s unconstitutional closed-door practices. In a Fresno court filing today, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and the First Amendment Coalition asked the California Court of Appeal to strike down an order of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) that bars workers, the public, and the press from attending “on…

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