Summary of Shiroma’s disastrous Senate confirmation hearing

Shiroma was the only one claiming she was unbiased. Republicans attacked her for her bias. Democrats praised her for it.

More information on Genevieve Shiroma’s disastrous performance before her California Senate Rules Committee confirmation hearing on June 20. We’ll have the transcripts soon: • Shiroma denied any bias toward the UFW, but none of the senators believed her. Republicans attacked Shiroma – and Democrats praised her – for her UFW bias. • Shiroma admitted everything that Pick Justice said about her long-term political and financial relationship with UFW lobbyist Richie…

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ALRB staffer tells Senate why Shiroma shouldn’t be confirmed

whistle blower

In an unusual event, a staff member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board went public before a state Senate committee to oppose Genevieve Shiroma for yet another term on the ALRB. Appearing nervous but speaking out bravely at the June 20 hearing, ALRB staff member Leslie Soule faced Shiroma, the Senate Rules Committee, and ALRB Chairman William Gould to accuse Shiroma of fostering an atmosphere of fear among the staff.…

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LA Times report validates Pick Justice’s positions about UFW & ALRB

ALRB may have ruled against our cause, but the Los Angeles Times vindicates what we've been saying.

In an important article about the state government’s nullification of farmworkers’ votes, the Los Angeles Times validates many of Pick Justice’s positions over the past year. The Times made a lot of observations in its April 19 story that reinforce some of its previous reporting and corroborate Pick Justice’s positions: The UFW “was absent from Gerawan’s fields for more than 15 years.” The campaign to decertify the UFW is “the largest labor…

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Labor Secretary Lanier agrees with audit ripping ALRB

Labor Secretary David Lanier looks pretty feckless as he meekly agrees with all the devastating conclusions of the ALRB audit.

California Labor Secretary David Lanier agrees with a state audit that found the ALRB to be a wasteful, abusive, unaccountable organization. Lanier’s agreement with the shocking findings could hammer another nail into the political coffin of scandal-plagued ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma. Shiroma has led a $10 million campaign to prevent farmworkers’ ballots from being counted after the voted in 2013 on decertification of the UFW. That’s 34% of ALRB’s budget. And…

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Audit finds chronic waste & accounting violations at ALRB

ALRB wastes money

A California Department of Finance audit ripped the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) for sloppy financial practices and an inability to justify its budget, and for failing to fulfill its primary mission of supervising worker elections on union representation. The ALRB, according to the report, provided auditors with “incomplete, unavailable, or inaccurate” data. just discovered the audit, dated February 4, 2015, covering the fiscal years 2009-10 through 2013-14. “We…

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UFW lobbyist & Shiroma campaigner Richie Ross: “Cheating is OK.”

Image courtesy of John Rankin

“Because we’re teaching you about lobbying in this class, cheating is OK,” lobbyist Richie Ross told Sacramento State students. “Shortcuts.” Even though the veteran political operative was only making a quip, according to the Sacramento Bee reporter covering the class, Ross was illustrating one of his political trademarks: If you want to get your way, you can’t stoop too low. Ross’s longtime political and financial connections to ALRB board member Genevieve…

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Ag attorneys may move to vacate Shiroma’s decisions on ALRB

Genevieve Shiroma's cash payments to UFW lobbyist Richie Ross show deeper unchecked ethics violations at ALRB.

Prominent California agricultural attorneys have told the ALRB that they may move to vacate any decision that disgraced Board member Genevieve Shiroma makes in cases concerning the United Farm Workers (UFW). “As legal practitioners before the Board, who represent cases that come before the Board, it has been recently brought to our attention that it has been nearly three months since Petitioner Silvia Lopez filed a petition to disqualify Member…

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