Western Growers Association picks up on our latest video

WGA screenshot

An important agricultural advocacy group has seen our latest video and likes it. The Western Growers Association re-posted our new video about ALRB corruption, calling our story “powerful.” “PickJustice.com, a website dedicated to farm workers’ rights, recently posted a video charging the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the United Farm Workers Union with colluding to prevent the farmworkers’ votes from being counted in a decertification election demanded by the…

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Fresno Bee: Ethics questions cloud Shiroma’s ability to serve on ALRB

Shiroma unethical

ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma’s ethics are so clouded that she cannot serve as an objective member of the state board, the Fresno Bee reports. “Shiroma’s career is so inexorably linked to the political goals of the union that she cannot possibly render a fair and objective decision,” says Fresno attorney Anthony Raimondo, representing farmworker Silvia Lopez, who led a petition drive against the UFW in 2013. The ALRB still refuses…

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Watch the video: Workers explain how ALRB exploits them

"Perhaps they think that we are worthless," a farmworker says about ALRB.

California farmworkers explain why they think the ALRB is a corrupt, exploitative state agency that abuses them by trying to force them to join a politically-connected union. Many of the workers, who came to America as immigrants, express dismay that the type of political corruption in their native countries is alive and well in California. “Perhaps they think that we are ignorant,” says one worker. “Perhaps they think that we…

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Massive 267-page brief outlines why Shiroma should be disqualified

Lopez Shiroma petition

Genevieve Shiroma should be disqualified from serving on the ALRB because of her long-standing financial and political connections to the UFW, a farmworker says in a massive 267-page brief. Through her attorney, farmworker Silvia Lopez says she “has been denied due process and a fair hearing in this matter due to prosecutorial misconduct, and faces a further violation of her statutory and Constitutional rights due if Member Shiroma is permitted…

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Shiroma should be disqualified from serving on ALRB, farmworker says in complaint

ALRB's Genevieve Shiroma is too tied into the UFW and should be disqualified.

Long-standing ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma (@GenShiroma) is too tied in with the UFW and a prominent UFW lobbyist, and should be disqualified from serving another term, a farmworker alleges. Silvia Lopez, who has led a farmworker revolt in the San Joaquin Valley against the ALRB-UFW attempt to force a contract on the workers against their will, makes the allegation in a complaint filed earlier this week. Lopez’s attorney lays…

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Wall Street Journal describes ALRB-UFW “shake down” of workers

ALRB-UFW shakedown

The ALRB and UFW are colluding to “shake down” farmworkers at Gerawan Farming, according to the Wall Street Journal. Alyssia Finley writes, “In the tradition of the Obama administration’s pro-union shenanigans with the National Labor Relations Board, California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) has teamed up with the United Farm Workers union to shake down workers at the state’s largest tree-fruit grower. Gerawan Farming, a third-generation family farm in Fresno,…

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Judge Soble said ALRB & UFW colluded in ‘litigation strategy’


The ALRB’s own administrative judge has practically admitted that the procedures for solving union decertification cases is a sham. Mark R. Soble, the ALRB administrative law judge who has spent nearly two years on the Gerawan Farming worker case, ripped into the ALRB in his September 17 ruling. In a footnote on pages 163 and 164 of his ruling, Judge Soble stated that the ALRB and UFW colluded in the…

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Is ALRB impartial? This video tells who’s who

Jessica Arciniega Alegria De La Cruz and Silas Shawver are in Cahoots at the ALRB

Key members of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) staff have a revolving door relationship with the United Farmworkers (UFW) union. Their bias is in direct violation of state law, which requires the ALRB to be impartial. These revolving-door staff lawyers have been major players in the controversial, expensive, and possibly illegal ALRB prevention of farmworkers from having their votes counted to decertify the UFW. These cronies move between…

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