Why are UFW & ALRB purposely wrecking non-UFW jobs?

ALRB wreckerz

It’s pretty clear now that the UFW and ALRB are deliberately trying to deprive non-UFW workers of their livelihoods. The UFW and ALRB are trying to sabotage the jobs of California farmworkers who earn the highest wages in the industry. The UFW and ALRB targeted the Gerawan workers who dared vote in 2013 to decertify the UFW – and then the ALRB refused to count the workers’ votes. They targeted…

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Unions settle for $11 minimum wage in 2018, when Gerawan workers earned that in 2014

How does it benefit agricultural workers to belong to the UFW if the UFW wants them to earn less than what they're earning now?

In a deal with Governor Jerry Brown, California unions have agreed to an $11 hourly minimum wage. But they agreed that their members will have to wait for their money until 2018. Non-union Gerawan workers have been earning that as their base pay since 2014. Details of the deal are still leaking out this night before Easter, and Governor Brown won’t have an official announcement until Monday. But here’s what…

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How the ALRB uses UFW agents to take false actions against critics

ALRB is still reeling from the whistleblower who exposed collusion with UFW provocateur to justify litigation.

The ALRB is in a lot of trouble right now because of a whistleblower who came forward to expose corruption among the UFW loyalists on the board’s staff. Instead of coming clean, the ALRB has circled the wagons to hide information from the public. Since the exposure last year, the ALRB has been secretive and not responding to questions from reporters. It all reeks of a cover-up – and with fake…

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Wall Street Journal describes ALRB-UFW “shake down” of workers

ALRB-UFW shakedown

The ALRB and UFW are colluding to “shake down” farmworkers at Gerawan Farming, according to the Wall Street Journal. Alyssia Finley writes, “In the tradition of the Obama administration’s pro-union shenanigans with the National Labor Relations Board, California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) has teamed up with the United Farm Workers union to shake down workers at the state’s largest tree-fruit grower. Gerawan Farming, a third-generation family farm in Fresno,…

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Credibility GONE: ALRB won’t probe case of ex-UFW organizer who said union coached workers to lie

Si se puede 2

The ALRB’s credibility is completely gone, with the revelation that a former UFW organizer testified that the union constructed lies to dupe the ALRB – and the ALRB’s own lawyers witnessed the admission and did nothing. The sensational admission, under oath, occurred in January, 2015, in the presence of ALRB attorneys and an ALRB judge – all of whom work under ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen. Even more, when a…

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Farmworkers are better off without ALRB-UFW protection racket

ALRB UFW protection racket cahoots

Gerawan farmworkers voted to give their trust to Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers (UFW). In 1990, they voted to certify the UFW as their collective bargaining representative. Then the UFW disappeared. For twenty years, Gerawan farmworkers heard nothing from the UFW. The UFW never communicated with them. Nobody from the UFW came out to the fields to talk to them. The UFW never negotiated a contract for them. Joining the UFW, as…

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