Summary of Shiroma’s disastrous Senate confirmation hearing

Shiroma was the only one claiming she was unbiased. Republicans attacked her for her bias. Democrats praised her for it.

More information on Genevieve Shiroma’s disastrous performance before her California Senate Rules Committee confirmation hearing on June 20. We’ll have the transcripts soon: • Shiroma denied any bias toward the UFW, but none of the senators believed her. Republicans attacked Shiroma – and Democrats praised her – for her UFW bias. • Shiroma admitted everything that Pick Justice said about her long-term political and financial relationship with UFW lobbyist Richie…

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Local paper notes Genevieve Shiroma effigy at rally against govt secrecy

Shiroma Sí Se Puede

The local Reedley newspaper ran a feature about our recent protest at the Fresno courthouse, making mention of our larger-than-life caricature of ALRB’s disgraced board member Genevieve Shiroma. The Reedley Exponent story reported that about 100 farmworkers showed up at the Fifth District Court of Appeals on April 20, “on the heels of an April 15 ruling by the state’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board that supported throwing out the results of…

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Labor Secretary Lanier agrees with audit ripping ALRB

Labor Secretary David Lanier looks pretty feckless as he meekly agrees with all the devastating conclusions of the ALRB audit.

California Labor Secretary David Lanier agrees with a state audit that found the ALRB to be a wasteful, abusive, unaccountable organization. Lanier’s agreement with the shocking findings could hammer another nail into the political coffin of scandal-plagued ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma. Shiroma has led a $10 million campaign to prevent farmworkers’ ballots from being counted after the voted in 2013 on decertification of the UFW. That’s 34% of ALRB’s budget. And…

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Audit finds chronic waste & accounting violations at ALRB

ALRB wastes money

A California Department of Finance audit ripped the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) for sloppy financial practices and an inability to justify its budget, and for failing to fulfill its primary mission of supervising worker elections on union representation. The ALRB, according to the report, provided auditors with “incomplete, unavailable, or inaccurate” data. just discovered the audit, dated February 4, 2015, covering the fiscal years 2009-10 through 2013-14. “We…

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Happy Cesar Chavez Day: ALRB spends $10 million to deprive workers of voting rights

ALRB steals farmworker votes

We pause on this year’s Cesar Chavez Day to reflect on the fact that, even in the 21st century, people in America are still denied their voting rights. The political elites in Sacramento continue to deny hard-working farm laborers the right to have their votes counted in accordance with state law. The following infographic, produced by the highest-paying labor employer in the state farming industry, tells the story. It’s a…

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Visalia Times-Delta: ALRB is destroying itself

Visalia Times-Delta's Dan Curlee: ALRB is destroying itself.

“The Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is taking steps to destroy itself and the act that created it, the 40-year-old Agricultural Labor Relations Act. Purpose of the act and the board that oversees it is to allow the state’s 500,000 or more farm workers to hold secret ballot elections at their work sites to determine if they want to be represented by unions.” Those aren’t Pick Justice’s words. Those are the words…

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ALRB spends 34% of its budget fighting Gerawan workers

The percent of its budget that ALRB uses to suppress farmworkers' votes.

The state agency founded to defend farmworkers is spending 34% of its ever-growing budget to prevent workers’ votes from being counted. That will have totaled about $10.8 million by next year. A recent study shows that the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) will spend $3.3 million in 2016-17 to suppress Gerawan farmworkers’ votes to decertify the United Farm Workers union. (Download study: ALRB Budget Memo – February 2016) After gearing up…

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