Local paper notes Genevieve Shiroma effigy at rally against govt secrecy

Shiroma Sí Se Puede

The local Reedley newspaper ran a feature about our recent protest at the Fresno courthouse, making mention of our larger-than-life caricature of ALRB’s disgraced board member Genevieve Shiroma. The Reedley Exponent story reported that about 100 farmworkers showed up at the Fifth District Court of Appeals on April 20, “on the heels of an April 15 ruling by the state’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board that supported throwing out the results of…

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ALRB approved: Here’s what the UFW says you get for 3% of your salary

Ripoff 3percent

On its website, the UFW describes the value of membership in the union. What value do you, as a UFW worker, get for the 3% of your pre-tax income, or an average of $600.00 a year? Practically nothing. Somehow this is OK with the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB). The UFW site says, “The following benefits are reserved for UFW Union Members that pay 3% dues and are members…

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UFW pays millions to itself & cronies, and ZERO for its dues-paying members

ALRB UFW corruption Fresno Apr 2016

The United Farm Workers (UFW) pays millions of dollars a year to its executives, employees, lawyers, and political cronies in Sacramento. This is why ALRB is fighting so hard to force workers to pay 3% of their income – to feed the Sacramento political machine. The UFW spends almost $4 million a year on lobbyists, lawyers, and politicians. How much does it spend on educational activities and strike benefits for…

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Photo gallery shows the spirited turnout at April 20 courthouse rally

Future free worker: The rally is to secure the rights of all farmworkers, present and in years to come.

The energetic turnout at the April 20 courthouse rally in Fresno was a real family gathering. Present and future farmworkers gathered to support transparency and ethical behavior in the troubled Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB). They protested the ALRB’s secrecy, cronyism with the UFW, and corruption of the democratic process under California law. Some of the members of the three-judge appeals panel took note of our rally. Inside the courthouse,…

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Workers “never” have a right to witness mediation, California says

The Brown administration and ALRB are fighting to maintain government secrecy in farmworker mediation.

California farmworkers have “never” had a “right” to witness the labor mediation processes that determine their wages and work conditions. That’s what a top lawyer for Governor Jerry Brown argued in court. Pick Justice held a spirited protest outside the courthouse. Agricultural labor mediation has been and should remain secret and behind closed doors, Deputy Attorney General Nelson Richards told a three-judge panel. “It has never been a right” for…

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Nice Pick Justice turnout at court in Fresno

ALRB UFW Pick Justice Fresno Apr 2016

We’re having a great turnout right now at the Court of Appeal in Fresno! We’re protesting the ALRB’s corrupt handling of our votes to decertify the UFW. Our mascot of the day is shady ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma, who has a long political and financial relationship with a powerful UFW lobbyist in Sacramento.

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Judge again says ALRB and UFW colluded on litigation strategy

ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres Guillen, with the UFW leadership, celebrates the union's 50th anniversary at a May 2012 event.

The ALRB Office of General Counsel and Regional Director colluded with the UFW during the case against Gerawan farmworkers seeking to de-certify the UFW, the ALRB’s own administrative jaw judge has found. “[T]he record should make clear, should the General Counsel and UFW attempt to characterize their litigation strategy as completely independent, that portrayal would be inaccurate,” ALRB administrative law Judge Mark R. Soble said. Soble’s comments are buried in…

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LA Times report validates Pick Justice’s positions about UFW & ALRB

ALRB may have ruled against our cause, but the Los Angeles Times vindicates what we've been saying.

In an important article about the state government’s nullification of farmworkers’ votes, the Los Angeles Times validates many of Pick Justice’s positions over the past year. The Times made a lot of observations in its April 19 story that reinforce some of its previous reporting and corroborate Pick Justice’s positions: The UFW “was absent from Gerawan’s fields for more than 15 years.” The campaign to decertify the UFW is “the largest labor…

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