Workers smash ALRB piñata at Fresno courthouse

ALRB Pinata-large-1024x825Smashing a piñata resembling the ALRB safe that contains their un-counted ballots, hundreds of farm workers demanded again that ALRB count their votes.

A handful of United Farm Workers (UFW) organizers showed up to oppose the farm workers.

The workers held the April 14 demonstration in front of the California appeals court in Fresno, which was holding a hearing about the joint ALRB-UFW attempt to impose a contract on them.

The contract would take more than $3 million a year from the workers and give it to the UFW.

The workers, employed by Gerawan Farming, are demanding that the ALRB count their votes from 2013 to de-certify the UFW as their representative.

The ALRB supervised the vote, but never counted the ballots.ALRB Silas-dont-silence-400x311-300x233

Workers singled out ALRB Regional Director Silas Shawver by name, asking him to “do the right thing” and not “silence” them.

In front of the courthouse, the workers smashed a piñata resembling the ALRB safe where Shawver said the 2013 ballots are stored.

Nearly a year ago, Shawver admitted that the ballots are stored in an ALRB safe and that he had no plans to count them.

Shawver has been trying to force the workers to accept a UFW contract that would take an estimated $3 million a year from the Gerawan farm workers’ paychecks and give the money to the union.

Many of the workers wore blue “Pick Justice” shirts.

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