Wall Street Journal describes ALRB-UFW “shake down” of workers

ALRB-UFW shakedownThe ALRB and UFW are colluding to “shake down” farmworkers at Gerawan Farming, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Alyssia Finley writes, “In the tradition of the Obama administration’s pro-union shenanigans with the National Labor Relations Board, California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) has teamed up with the United Farm Workers union to shake down workers at the state’s largest tree-fruit grower. Gerawan Farming, a third-generation family farm in Fresno, is trying to fend off the attack.”

The ALRB’s own $156,000-a-year internal administrative judge, Mark R. Soble, issued a ruling for the Gerawan workers’ ballots – cast almost two years ago to decide whether or not to decertify the UFW – to be destroyed. The ALRB has refused to count the workers’ votes.

Even while ruling on September 17 to destroy the workers’ uncounted ballots, Soble “acknowledged the cozy relationship between the ALRB and the union, writing in his decision that ‘the record should make clear, should the General Counsel and UFW attempt to characterize their litigation strategy as completely independent, that portrayal would be inaccurate.'”

In other words, the ALRB’s own in-house judge admitted that the ALRB was colluding with the UFW. Such collusion is illegal under California state law.


The Wall Street Journal has documented the ALRB’s skyrocketing budget, even as the Board racks up abuse after abuse of power. “Since 2011, the ALRB’s budget has nearly doubled, to $9.4 million. An audit by California’s Department of Finance this year criticized the agency’s ‘misuse of limited-term blanket authority,’ ‘inefficient use of state funds’ and ‘inaccurate accounting records,’ among other problems.”

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