UFW pays millions to itself & cronies, and ZERO for its dues-paying members

UFW pays itself and its political cronies almost ALL of the money it takes in.

UFW pays itself and its political cronies almost ALL of the money it takes in. Source: Unionfacts.com

The United Farm Workers (UFW) pays millions of dollars a year to its executives, employees, lawyers, and political cronies in Sacramento.

This is why ALRB is fighting so hard to force workers to pay 3% of their income – to feed the Sacramento political machine.

The UFW spends almost $4 million a year on lobbyists, lawyers, and politicians.

How much does it spend on educational activities and strike benefits for its dues-paying members? ZERO.

The UFW doesn’t even provide a category for organizing in the fields.

The figures are from the UFW’s own information that the union filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. UnionFacts.com provides a graphical description of the numbers.

Here are the official figures from the UFW itself. The UFW budget is basically two categories: Money for political cronies and political action, and money for its own leadership and staff. No budget for benefits for the UFW’s own dues-paying members.

Here are those above figures, broken down by line item, as shown on the chart:

  • ALRB UFW corruption Fresno Apr 2016Political cronies and lawyers (“Representational”): $3,464,562.
  • “Political activities and lobbying”: $493,401.
  • “Contributions, gifts, and grants”: $81,827.
  • “General overhead” – property, funding of UFW operations, and expenses too embarrassing to itemize: $2,098,732.
  • “Union administration”: $164,706.
  • Payments “to Union Officers”: $431,266.
  • Payments “to Union Employees”: $2,663,572.
  • “Strike benefits” to dues-paying UFW members in disputes with their employees: ZERO.
  • “Education”: ZERO.

It’s easy to see why the UFW needs the state government, through the ALRB, to force workers to pay dues to the union, even when the workers vote to de-certify the UFW as their representative.

(Note: If the ALRB and UFW succeed in imposing a contract on Gerawan farmworkers, the UFW would take an estimated $3,432,000 a year more than it currently does.)

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