ALRB Chairman Gould says contractors should be unionized

Uber4U placaDisplaying his bias that contractors should be unionized, ALRB Chairman William B. Gould says that contractor drivers for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft should be unionized.

Gould won’t talk to reporters about agricultural workers who don’t want to be forced to join a union. And he won’t explain why he hasn’t allowed the Gerawan workers’ UFW decertification ballots – cast in 2013 – to be counted.

His December 18 comment to International Business Times shows his personal bias for contractors to be unionized. In that article, Gould advocated for the unionization of Uber and Lift contractors. This stands in stark contrast to his repeated refusal to speak to reporters – from CalWatchdog to the Los Angeles Times – about disputes presently before the agency he chairs.

Gould told the IBT on December 18, “This [unionization] is really the only way they [Uber and Lyft drivers] can receive protection.”

“For those who are clearly not employees,” Gould said, concerning unionization, “this is the best route available. Otherwise, they are completely unprotected. They are dependent on the benevolence of companies like Uber in obtaining adequate compensation and job security.”

At least Gould finally comes out of the closet about his views that unionization is necessary for contractors who are not even employees. This is a really important insight into whether he is capable of being impartial as ALRB Chairman, as the law requires.

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