UFW organizer coached workers to lie to discredit de-certification vote

ALRB disinformationA former UFW organizer has testified in court that he coached Gerawan farmworkers to lie in order to undermine the vote to de-certify the union. The organizer said he died so on instructions from the union’s leadership.

The former union organizer reportedly is in hiding for fear of retaliation from the UFW and the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).

“The ALRB used lies manufactured by the UFW labor union to put a halt to the Gerawan farm workers’ efforts to de-certify the UFW as their collective bargaining representative,” Katy Grimes reports in an detailed Flash Report article.

“The disinformation campaign allegedly was part of the UFW’s efforts to discredit Gerawan Farming, as well as the Gerawan workers leading the de-certification campaign,” she writes.

“Ramirez Reyes said he had been ‘lying to the workers by order of Armando Elenes,’ the Vice President of the United Farm Workers. He added that he and other UFW organizers had instructed Gerawan workers to lie in their written statements. Ramirez Reyes received general guidance from Elenes personally, and had been trained to interpret instructions to get the necessary information to give ‘weight’ to information for the ALRB,” according to Grimes, who quotes directly from the sworn testimony.

“’I was unhappy with myself because I didn’t feel satisfied lying to the workers and that’s why I quit,’ Ramirez Reyes said in testimony before an ALRB administrative court in January. ‘And I remember that I sent an email to Armando Elenes that . . . I didn’t feel comfortable speaking to the workers anymore and lying to them, telling them something that was not,” according to the article.

ALRB Regional Director Silas Shawver reportedly used the lies as the basis of his legal and bureaucratic action against Gerawan Farming and against Gerawan workers who wanted to decertify the absent UFW.

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