How the ALRB uses UFW agents to take false actions against critics

ALRB is still reeling from the whistleblower who exposed collusion with UFW provocateur to justify litigation.

ALRB is still reeling from the whistleblower who exposed collusion with UFW provocateur to justify litigation.

The ALRB is in a lot of trouble right now because of a whistleblower who came forward to expose corruption among the UFW loyalists on the board’s staff.

Instead of coming clean, the ALRB has circled the wagons to hide information from the public.

Since the exposure last year, the ALRB has been secretive and not responding to questions from reporters. It all reeks of a cover-up – and with fake UFW provocateurs in cahoots with its lawyers, it’s easy to see why.

Here’s a look at one of the UFW operatives who came up with fake stories of abuse, so that the ALRB could take legal action under false pretenses against farmers.

Meet Hector. We wrote about him a year ago – before the ALRB action that prompted the whistleblower, and resulted in Governor Brown firing ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres Guillen. Here’s the article again:

Hector is a former Gerawan worker.

The young father says he was not rehired because he supports the union.

Life has been rough for Hector, his wife, and their baby girl.

In a heartbreaking feature on the UFW website, Hector explains, “I have been out of work and have not had any money for food or diapers for my 6 month old daughter and much less for the rent.”

The UFW is using Hector as an example of employer unfairness.

Hector says he is asking Wal-Mart to pressure Gerawan Farming to “respect the law and to follow our union contract.”

“It’s been hard to go to other areas and look for work since I don’t have money for gas,” Hector says. “I can’t even provide the basics for my family.”

Accompanying Hector’s feature on the UFW site is a lovely picture of him as a clean-cut young man with his wife and their baby daughter.

Hector tells a different story on his Facebook page, where he appears under another last name.

The gallery pictures below are from Hector’s old Facebook page. Hector shows that, even though he says he can’t provide the basics for his family or find a job, he had enough cash to own a really nice pickup truck, enjoy an ATV on the beach, take a trip to the casinos in Nevada, get an expensive tattoo, swig some fine Chivas Regal whiskey, and brandish a Smith & Wesson .44 magnum revolver.

UFW operative Hector says he can't support his family. Instead of spending his money on diapers, he spends it on these things.

UFW operative Hector says he can’t support his family. The poor guy says he doesn’t have money for food and diapers (because he has a really nice truck, drives ATVs on the beach, gets expensive tattoos, drinks Chivas Regal whiskey, and has a chrome Smith & Wesson .44 revolver that’s probably illegal in California.

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