Shawver admits ALRB hasn’t counted worker ballots & has no plan to do so

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ALRB’s Shawver gives different excuses for not counting worker ballots and says he has no timeline to count their votes.

The ALRB admits that it has not counted the ballots of thousands of Central Valley farm workers, and that it has no timeline for doing so.

ALRB field representative Silas Shawver admitted this on The ballots, he said, are locked away in a safe.

So when will the ALRB count the workers votes? Says Shawver, “Um, there hasn’t been a timeline that’s set.”

In the video, Shawver claims that his office provides “an orderly way in which workers can decide they don’t want to have union representation.”

Shawver gives different excuse for not counting the ballots, which workers cast in 2013.

First, he says in the video, “In this case we needed to have a majority shown. There were some serious problems with signatures submitted that turned out to be fraudulent.”

When the workers came back with thousands more signatures, Shawver came up with a different excuse, saying that the management was behind the drive, so “this petition isn’t a measure of true worker support.”

The management at Gerawan Farming says on the video it invited ALRB on to the property to oversee the petition process and instruct workers that they have a legal right to unionize.

The workers finally had their supervised election in November 2013. The result isn’t known because ALRB won’t count the ballots. asks Shawver if the ALRB has the farm workers’ ballots in its offices.

“Yes,” Shawver says, “they’re in the safe.”

So what has to happen for ALRB to open the safe and count the ballots?

Shawver kicks responsibility up to the three-person ALRB board in Sacramento. “The board has to make that decision,” he says. “And what they’ve said is that there needs to be a hearing first on certain, ah, complaints and issues around the supervisor involved in it.”

Is there a timeline for holding the hearing and listening to the complaints and issues?

Shawver: “Um, there hasn’t been a timeline that’s set.”

See the video:

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