Shiroma campaigns for senator who tried to broaden ALRB’s powers

Genevieve Shiroma endorses the politician who tried to expand ALRB's powers.

Genevieve Shiroma endorses the politician who tried to expand ALRB’s powers.

The state senator who tried to give greater powers to the ALRB now has ALRB member Genevieve Shiroma’s personal endorsement for his next campaign.

Senator Darrell Steinberg, who is term-limited out and now running for mayor of Sacramento, displays Shiroma’s endorsement on his campaign website.

Shiroma is a longtime political ally of Steinberg and their mutual deal-maker, UFW lobbyist Richie Ross. Shiroma contributed to Steinberg’s political campaign just before he introduced a bill to broaden the ALRB’s powers on behalf of the UFW.

An infographic describes the Shiroma-UFW-Ross-Steinberg circle of political corruption.

The Shiroma- and UFW-backed proposal was so extreme that Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Steinberg’s bill, SB 25, after widespread protests from the farming community.

Citing the circle of corruption, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove tore into Shiroma’s lack of ethics, and called for her removal from the ALRB.

The Fresno Bee reported in February that Shiroma’s ethics questions cloud her ability to serve as an ALRB member.

Shiroma is also a member of the board of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

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