For journalists

Pick Justice provides new ideas and balance for journalists covering farmworkers and other agricultural labor issues.

Our spokespersons can comment to journalists in English and Spanish, and offer a very different view from the stale old rhetoric of the United Farm Workers (UFW):

  • Our President is Silvia Lopez.
    • Contact:, or via Twitter @silvialopezfwr
  • Our Spokesperson is Jesse Rojas.
    • Contact:, or via Twitter @jessegrojas

Why journalists should ask Pick Justice for balance

  • Pick Justice is a new farmworker rights movement that looks to the future. We don’t profit off a cult of personality from the past.
    • UFW is an old farmworker rights movement that’s stuck in the past, and exploits César Chávez’s name to keep its legitimacy.
  • Pick Justice a real farmworker rights movement to address today’s problems.
    • UFW was a real farmworker rights movement, but it opposes the rights of farmworkers who don’t pay it money.
  • Pick Justice is a new, fresh voice with new approaches and ideas.
    • UFW is stale, with discredited old approaches that just don’t work.
  • Governor Jerry Brown transitions old labor leaders with new: UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta (left) and Pick Justice President Silvia Lopez (right).

    Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez is recognized as California’s newest agricultural labor leader.

    • UFW has had the same old faces for longer than our leader has been alive.
  • Pick Justice doesn’t make false claims to speak for all farmworkers.
  • Pick Justice doesn’t take money from farmworkers and spend it on ourselves.
  • Pick Justice doesn’t want to cheat or harass anyone.
  • Pick Justice represents only farmworkers in America.
    • UFW has practically stopped organizing in America, and is now organizing farmworkers offshore.
  • Pick Justice isn’t part of the establishment. Indeed, we are at war with the political establishment, which has disenfranchised us from our votes. Our members supported everyone from Bernie Sanders to libertarians.
  • Pick Justice is new and growing in popularity.
  • Pick Justice opposes the crony corruption between government agencies, politicians, and a union that pretends to represent farmworkers.
    • The UFW is at the core of the crony corruption system, with a state agency, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB), serving as its enforcer.
  • Pick Justice believes in a cooperative relationship, whenever possible, between workers and employees. That cooperative relationship brings real peace to the fields. But we understand that not all workers are able to have such a cooperative relationship, and that they need a union or other representative to help.
    • UFW believes in stoking hostility and conflict between workers and their employers, and creating a hostile work environment. It has also worked to try to destroy workers’ cooperative relations with employees in order to force the workers to pay the UFW.
  • Pick Justice is pro-choice when it comes to farmworkers deciding which union to join, or whether to join a union at all.
    • UFW is anti-choice. It colludes with the ALRB to force workers into UFW contracts, even when those workers vote to de-certify the UFW. ALRB spent $10,000,000 to prevent our votes from being counted.
  • Pick Justice is a farmworker rights group, not a union. Most farmworkers don’t want a union any more, as former ALRB Chairman William Gould noted, as well as the New York Times.
    • The UFW is an obsolete union that can’t and won’t keep up with the times.

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