UFW is the new One Percent

Part of the one percent: UFW President Arturo Rodriguez and Wall Street's Hillary Clinton.

The UFW has organized only 1 percent of farmworkers in California and is deficient in many ways. Yet it’s moving its operations offshore to Mexico and Central America to organize cheap labor for big business like Costco. Farmworkers are being sold out. What about the other 99 percent? With its membership just a fraction of what it was and almost no organizing in California fields, the United Farm Workers has…

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By its own figures, UFW represents only 1% of farmworkers

UFW 99%

It’s official. By the UFW’s own figures, it is part of the 1%. We are the 99%. The UFW claims to have only about 10,000 members. UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta now says that there are “more than one million California farm workers.” Ten thousand is 1 percent of one million. Pick Justice is the 99 percent. End of argument.

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UFW can’t unite Sacramento Democrats on overtime bill

The UFW isn’t as powerful as people like to think. It can’t even unite Democrats in Sacramento to support its controversial overtime legislation. As of now, 15 Democrats in the state assembly do not support AR 1066. The bill, promoted as a way to get workers more money, would actually hurt them as well as their employers. That’s why the Democrats are so divided. “Eight Democrats voted against the overtime…

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Dolores Huerta describes how UFW is moving its operations offshore

Civil rights leader Dolores Huerta speaks to Gerawan farmworkers who ask her for her help in getting the ALRB to count their votes to decertify the UFW.

UFW is focusing its operations offshore, union co-founder Dolores Huerta says. Huerta tells The Progressive, “the UFW is taking action in Mexico, Central, and South America against miserable farm worker pay and conditions and is working to produce safer, higher quality food while improving wages and other protections.” Huerta has come a long way from the days that she denounced foreign-born farmworkers as “wetbacks.” Agricultural Labor Relations Board Chairman William…

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UFW-backed overtime bill will cost farmworkers 20 hours’ pay a week

Farmworkers are entitled to work up to 60 hours a week under present law. A UFW-backed measure to slash the work day to 40 hours a week will cost workers up to one-third of their income, according to a column in the Sacramento Bee. The union argues that employers will be forced to pay overtime above 40 hours a week, so the extra 20 hours a week on overtime pay…

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De Leon ‘slush fund’ tied to UFW lobby triad

California corruption

California’s pay-to-play political establishment showed itself again. Senator Kevin de Leon’s pushing through the nomination for UFW-backed Genevieve Shiroma to serve yet another term on the state agriculture board has a sleazy money angle. UFW lobbyist Richie Ross – to whom Shiroma paid more than $120,000 in a political deal – was a subject of the appointee’s confirmation hearing before the June 20 Senate Rules Committee hearing that de Leon…

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How can UFW represent farmworkers, with it has so few members?

UFW's own numbers show that it represents only 1 percent of farmworkers.

How can a group with a tiny membership claim to represent the vast majority who are not members? Somehow the UFW does it. By some counts, the UFW represents less than 1 percent of California’s farmworkers. The UFW claims only 10,000 members, at most. And even that number is dubious, since it represents a spike that doubled membership in just a year – the same year the UFW claimed to…

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UFW silent as robot readies to replace farmworkers

Robots can now harvest fruit. This will affect farmworkers, but UFW is silent.

The first fruit-picking prototype robot proves that it is practical to harvest apples by machine. This video of the prototype robot has been on YouTube for five months – but the UFW hasn’t said a word. Why has the UFW been silent about a technological breakthrough that promises dramatic changes in the livelihoods of farmworkers? Is the UFW simply content to keep its members down, as the most humble people in…

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