Kangaroo court: ALRB’s own rules violate the law mandating impartiality


The state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is breaking state law, raising questions about the legitimacy of the board’s actions and decisions. In layman’t terms, the ALRB is illegally serving as the UFW’s own kangaroo court to force UFW contracts on unwilling workers and employers. At issue is the ALRB’s legal mandate to be an impartial advocate of farmworkers, while the ALRB acts as an investigator and prosecutor. One cannot…

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Like a plague of locusts, UFW lays waste to blueberry farm

WASTELAND: The UFW came in to this blueberry farm and forced the owner to destroy his productive bushes - and the jobs of the workers who cultivated and harvested them.

This was once a thriving blueberry farm that employed hundreds of people. The UFW unionized the workers last May. UFW claimed that $17 an hour wasn’t enough money to pick berries. Now the Klein farm in McFarland is closing down. This picture shows all that’s left of the once-productive blueberry fields. Supported by The Militant and other groups, the UFW backed a strike the day after Klein Management announced a reduction in…

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We voted to de-certify the UFW 3 years ago today. ALRB still has our ballots.

Three years ago today, on November 5, 2013, ALRB supervised our vote to de-certify the UFW.

Three years ago today, 2,400 of us Gerawan workers voted on whether to de-certify the United Farm Workers (UFW), which had abandoned us for 20 years. The state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) supervised the entire process. But it didn’t like the results. So ALRB seized our ballots and stored them in a safe in the ALRB’s Visalia office, then run by UFW activist lawyer Silas Shawver. That was on…

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Houweling’s rotten tomatoes


Houweling’s Tomatoes is in a toxic partnership with a UFW front group to try to show its customers that it’s “helping” farm workers. Houweling’s seems not to care that the UFW is in collusion with politicians to force contracts on workers who vote NOT to be part of the union that neglected them for a generation. The UFW front group, called the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), is a lobbying organization…

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New ALRB Visalia director: A UFW man since he was 12


Chris Schneider is ALRB’s new Regional Director in Visalia under the state agency’s Office of General Counsel. Schneider never finished college. And he doesn’t have a law degree. But that doesn’t matter because he’s a UFW-certified legal activist. Schneider’s relationship with the UFW goes back before most farmworkers were born. Committed to “UFW struggle” since he was 12 Schneider told the Fresno Bee that he first learned of the “UFW struggle”…

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ALRB pushes fake UFW line about the employer it targeted

Si se puede 2

The California Agricultural Labor Relations Board is pushing a fake UFW line to attack a company and its workers. The state agency, known as ALRB, lied in claiming that Gerawan Farming “refused to provide” accurate contact information for its thousands of workers, so that the UFW could organize. In a three-year campaign to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from voting to de-certify the UFW, the ALRB made the allegation in three separate…

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UFW raises questions about ALRB and EFI agenda as it recalls collusion with Jane Fonda


By recalling its past collusion with Jane Fonda, the United Farm Workers has raised more questions about the political agendas of its partners – the state Agricultural Labor Relations board (ALRB) and the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI). It’s understandable that UFW would want to pay respects to its longtime ally, Tom Hayden, after his death this weekend. But recognizing his ex-wife, Jane Fonda, in the same statement? Many farmworkers who served…

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ALRB Chairman Gould says indigenous workers are too ignorant to read their own languages

ALRB Chairman William Gould: Indigenous farm workers are too ignorant to read in their own languages.

Indigenous farmworkers are too ignorant or stupid to read their own languages, ALRB Chairman William Gould said in an interview, which is why the ALRB must send “lawyers” to read to them and show them videos. “Only academics read” native languages, Gould stated, rejecting the suggestion that employers display posters for the workers to read. “I don’t think that many of the farmers are academics.” Gould: ‘These indigenous languages are…

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