ALRB Chairman Gould says indigenous workers are too ignorant to read their own languages

ALRB Chairman William Gould: Indigenous farm workers are too ignorant to read in their own languages.

Indigenous farmworkers are too ignorant or stupid to read their own languages, ALRB Chairman William Gould said in an interview, which is why the ALRB must send “lawyers” to read to them and show them videos. “Only academics read” native languages, Gould stated, rejecting the suggestion that employers display posters for the workers to read. “I don’t think that many of the farmers are academics.” Gould: ‘These indigenous languages are…

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UFW chief laughs with Houweling CEO at big industry convention


UFW can’t get worker support, so it’s kissing up to farmers, who give something juicy in return. United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez acted like a big industry CEO at the Delaware-based Produce Marketing Association‘s #FreshSummit in Orlando, Florida last week. Houweling’s Tomatoes let Arturo have a little squeeze, according to its Facebook page. In this picture, Arturo looks like he’s part of the industry now. Who does the UFW represent…

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UFW activist Shawver not listed on public version of ALRB staff directory

ALRB secrecy UFW

The ALRB has not listed Deputy General Counsel Silas Shawver on the public version of its staff directory, raising more questions about why the agency remains so secretive. Shawver is a United Farm Workers (UFW) activist attorney who was removed from ALRB in 2015, after Governor Jerry Brown purged the ALRB General Counsel’s office for possibly illegal bias toward a favored union. The activist lawyer has been gunning against farmworkers…

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ALRB secretly re-hires UFW militant Silas Shawver

Silas Shawver: "What do you mean by impartiality?"

The ALRB has quietly re-hired controversial UFW activist Silas Shawver as the scandal-plagued agency’s Deputy General Counsel. That seems to be a promotion from his previous post as Assistant General Counsel. Shawver was removed under a cloud in 2015. Not everyone inside California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board is happy about Shawver being back. And some are talking. Shawver drew fire after Pick Justice revealed his conflicts of interests on the…

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Shiroma’s secretive ALRB has no public events on its calendar

The secretive Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is in virtual shutdown since Genevieve Shiroma’s reappointment to the board last summer. At least in public. Despite ALRB’s doubled budget to go after the Gerawan farmworkers who challenged the UFW, nothing appears on ALRB’s public calendar. Earlier this year, state Labor Secretary David Lanier agreed with an audit that ripped ALRB for being a wasteful, abusive, unaccountable organization. Yet ALRB doesn’t seem…

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Fresno Bee picks up on our WikiLeaks story about secret UFW deal against workers


The Fresno Bee has picked up on our story about how WikiLeaks released an email about a secret deal between the UFW and Hillary Clinton to smash our farmworker movement. “Hillary Clinton agreed to help United Farm Workers in its conflict with Fresno-based Gerawan Farming, according to internal campaign emails exposed this week by WikiLeaks,” Andrea Castillo reports in the Bee. “The Clinton campaign, however, is questioning the veracity of…

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WikiLeaks exposes secret Clinton pledge against farmworker voters in exchange for UFW support


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton secretly promised to help the UFW suppress the votes of thousands of Central Valley farmworkers. WikiLeaks released an internal Clinton campaign email last week that exposed the secret February 21, 2016 pledge. Clinton made the promise as part of a deal for the UFW’s political endorsement against rival Bernie Sanders. After promising to do “everything possible” against Gerawan farmworkers, Clinton met in private with UFW President…

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UFW backs ‘overwhelming establishment favorite’ for US Senate


The United Farm Workers (UFW) has backed what the Los Angeles Times calls the “overwhelming establishment favorite” for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer. The UFW is supporting candidate Kamala Harris against Loretta Sanchez. That says a lot about the UFW, which represents only 1 percent of California farmworkers but claims to represent them all. The UFW endorsed Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton during the California Democratic…

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